‘Further sophistication in Morocco, with your customized trip style’

What does ‘Morocco’ remind you? People often have diverse but vague image towards morocco, such as the countries with ‘historical cities’, ‘Sahara Desert’, ‘blue houses’ and ‘exotic goods’. You might also have a concern on its safeness, climate, etc…

Since our cultural attachment is rare, travel to Morocco will provide you various moments of astonishment and admiration.

When travelling Morocco, it is major to visit various spots throughout the country, including Sahara Dessert. However, putting such plan to practice is burdensome to most tourists, due to the concerns on travel distance, means on transportation, language and safety.

Therefore, packaged travel plans provided by the travel agencies are the only options for those who wish to visit across the country. Those packaged tours are often ‘over-compressed’, meaning that a short period of time is allocated to each sightseeing spot, restricting a free visit based on your curiosity. You may not choose your favorite hotel/Riads, visit famous restaurants or choose to stay longer, while using such travel plans. Although such packaged trip plans are efficient to experience the ‘Introduction to Morocco’, we wish to provide an alternative option; ‘A customized, in-depth cultural experience in Morocco’.

Although the reservation of flight and accommodation has been accessible by the tourists, the coordination of local transportation, support in negotiation and emergency cases are necessary. We will collectively assist such procedures for those who wish to have a flexible stay or tired of searching about such reservation and experienced travelers. Our service materializes your ideal travel vision in Morocco.



Residence El Mawlid 4
Angle Bd Abdelmoumen &Annoual App A 33
Casablanca, MOROCCO

Grant number  :  TT/7320/2008
Registration number  :  99275-B-6

Phone number

MOROCCO  :  (+212) 6-3231-1111    (English, French, Arabic)

JAPAN  :  (+81) 80-4295-6006    (Japanese)



Managing Director: SAMH YOUSSEF

Nickname: Sammy

Origin: Casablanca, Morocco

Sammy has extensive experience with living abroad. Followed by 10- years of stay in the US, he lived in Taiwan and Japan for 10 years, building his career as a professional bodyguard/driver for the foreign VIP and a driver for the embassy.

His friendliness stands out while retaining the first-class hospitality. He also loves taking care of children.

Skill: driving, negotiation

Hobby: watching football

Language: Arabic, French and English


For Japanese: Kimie Asano

Currently living in Morocco and Tokyo.

Kimie collects and updates the latest information on hotels, restaurants, and shops every time she visits Morocco. She is in charge of planning the trip, collaborating the historical heritages and the emerging popular sightseeing spots.

Kimie visited local hospitals to research their preparedness in medical procedures, utilizing over 20years of nursing experience. She will accompany the travelers with health concerns and chronical diseases, as long as the schedule is adjusted.

Skill: Cooking

Hobby: Travel, visiting hotels

Language: Japanese and English