Trip to Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is a manor sightseeing spot in Morocco, where the majority of travelers wish to visit. Here is the detailed information on the trip plan.

Sahara Desert is a tremendous desert, located across the border of Algeria. When visiting Sahara Desert, you will enter from the small village called ‘Merzouga’, located beyond the Atlas Mountains. It is extremely distant, as it takes 12 to 13 hours from Marrakesh and 11 hours from Fez. In addition to that, buses and cars are the only means to reach, as the Southern Morocco does not have railway traffic.

However, the trip to Sahara Desert is not tedious as imagined. Dynamic sceneries of the Atlas Mountains, villages located in the oasis and the city that used to be the base of Dakar Rally have a completely different atmosphere from the urban areas. You will feel as if you are in the world of Indiana Jones.

When visiting Sahara Desert, we assume that most tourists participate in packaged tour from Marrakesh. The schedule of 3 days trip that is most major, is as follows:

1st day: Depart Marrakesh. Visit Ait Benhaddou, the world heritage and stay at Ouarzazate in Central Morocco.

2nd day: Depart Ouarzazate. Visit El Kelaa M’Gouna and Gorges du Todra and arrive at Merzouga before evening. When you arrive ride on the camel to stay at the camp in Sahara Desert.

3rd day: Depart Merzouga at morning, turning back to Marrakesh or Fez at one day. The tour finishes late at night.

Although each packaged trip plans have slight differences, they require at least 3days to visit Sahara Desert. However, we do not recommend you spending only 3days for this trip, as it will be restless, not giving you much time to enjoy your time at the Desert.

Instead, you should schedule 4-days trip by staying twice at Desert; once in the gorgeous hotel or Riad with swimming pool, and another in the tent. This schedule allows you to experience camel-trekking, sandboarding and viewing the Desert from the swimming pool during the daytime. Since visiting Sahara Desert is a rare experience, we recommend you spare your time.

Another advantage from staying for two days, is that you may avert the problem of climate and sandstorm. When visiting Sahara Desert, there is always a risk that you might not ride the camel or cannot see the starry sky due to the clouds. By staying for 2 days, you can decrease the risk of returning without missing such unique opportunity.


In an ordinary packaged trip to Sahara Desert, you will stay at the tent without toilet and shower. However, there are new types of tent called ‘luxury tent’, containing toilet, shower room and gorgeous interiors. All tents that we coordinate are the latter, in order to provide you a comfortable and photogenic experience. It is fascinating to enjoy the dinner in such tent, surrounded by starry sky and desert. We might also arrange alcoholic beverages, which is unusually provided in Southern Morocco, so please let us know in advance.


When visiting a luxury tent, you will leave your luggage in the hotel and bring your necessities for the night. It takes approximately 90minutes by riding on the camel. If you feel difficult, you can also hire a land cruiser to reach the tent in 15 minutes. Although the additional fee is required, getting over the sandhill by vehicle is also a dynamic and thrilling experience. Please let us know if you are interested, as we can customize the schedule such as riding on the camel on the outward and using the rand cruiser on the homeward.


The location and facilities of your hotels and Riyads are allthemore important in Sahara Desert, as the alternative restaurants or places to visit do not exist at the surrounding. Therefore, we may also reserve the hotels or Riyads on behalf, providing smooth arrangement on the access to the luxury tent and places to keep your luggage. If you wish to consult your hotel reservation, feel free to ask us.

In addition to that, we do not coordinate the trip plan in a fixed way. We will arrange your cities of departure and arrival, based on your schedule.


  • 4,000MAD per day for chartering one car
    It is charged per vehicle and not the passenger. 6 passengers can ride on one car.
  • We will request the lodging expense, when we coordinate your reservation. No commission fee is charged.
  • Luxury tents have abundant amenity, including the necessities to stay in the desert. You do not have to carry special equipment, such as flashlight, tissue, large amount of water, etc…
    You can also charge your camera and phones from the plugs in the luxury tent.
  • We recommend you bring a dust-proof cover for your camera, as sands may interfere your equipment.
  • You should also bring various types of clothes for thermal regulation, as the temperature extensively differs from night to daytime.
  • The internet connection in Sahara Desert is significantly weak. If you have any task that requires internet connection, we recommend you finish beforehand.


For any other concerns and requests for special arrangements, please feel free to ask us.