Price in morocco

Prices in Morocco is one of the most frequently asked questions. However, it all depends on your style and preference on the trip.

Since Morocco is renowned as the resort area nearby Europe, there are many European tourists and residents. You will see numerous European owners in urban souvenir shop and restaurants. As a result, the prices in those stores are often times ‘European standard’, which surprises the visitors who has expected low prices.

Speaking of the current condition, Morocco is undergoing exponential development, eventually causing a widening income gap. While the unemployment rate is rising and some people are striving with $300 of monthly income, some successful businessmen possess palatial residence with numerous luxurious vehicles.

The gap in educational level also underlies, as the development is yet to reach the rural areas. You will see some children pulling donkeys in the countryside, to help their parents’ farming. On the other hand, you might experience the congestion nearby American/French schools in Rabat and Casablanca, due to the gorgeous cars occupying the road to pick up the students.

Due to such rapid economic growth, the levels of restaurants and hotels are also diverse. There are stands and restaurants that serve full of delicious foods with few dollars, whereas high-class restaurants provide you a fascinating moment with wines and scenery. Even for the hotels, the price ranges from $20 to $1000, depending on the level of service.

You can enjoy the foods, shopping and sightseeing in Morocco at any budget you come up with. You can select everything to be cheap, or to experience the most luxurious journey, depending on your preferred trip style.