Shopping in Morocco

We assume that many tourists are eager to enjoy shopping. We recommend that you look at pretty knick-knacks, such as baskets, baboosh, carpet, tussel, potteries, Argan oil, and so forth. These goods are perfect not only for the souvenir, but for your daily use and symbols of your memories in Morocco.

In Medina of Marrakesh, many stores do not have price tags, so that the customers must negotiate with the shopkeeper. It is often difficult to recognize the appropriate price, as they tend to propose high price to the tourists.

As opposed to that, some tourists tend to suggest extremely low price to avert the loss. They are seemingly the ‘veterans’ of negotiation; however, the it mostly end up in only few dollars of difference. In addition to that, most of those products are hand-made and the sales is essential for local producers. The tourism in Morocco would be more easygoing if you could be less nervous to the prices.

Although the negotiation is a tough and time-consuming job for the unused tourists, it is fulfilling to determine your pricing and communicate with local people. If you are interested, you can decide the meeting point and time with our driver to enjoy the shopping by yourself.

If you wish to spare your time and skip the negotiation, our driver or the guide will accompany and negotiate on behalf of you. (Sometimes, the stores make a huge discount with additional services, when the locals negotiate in Arabic. If you wish to purchase a huge rug or an antique good, please notify us.) Even in the stores that have price tags, purchasing in bulk or expensive goods may let them discount.


The old town called ‘Souk’used to be the most famous location for shopping. However, modern town that currently undergoes urban renewal called ‘Gueliz’, is also a good location for shopping. There are many new shops opened by European owners with fashionable goods.


When the guides accompany local shopping, some of them attend the shop that does not match the tourists’ demand, in order to get the commission fee. We are proud to notify that we do not receive any fee from the stores, so that we can guide you to the stores that truly provide good service and match your preference. Instead of making stores pay commission fee, we ask the them to convert the benefit to our customers through more discounts and additional service.