Internet Connection in Morocco

The internet has widely prevailed in Morocco and it can be used in various places, such as hotels, restaurants and cafes. In stores that provide free wi-fi connection, you may ask the shopkeeper for the password.

However, due to the infrastructural problem in Morocco, its connection is unstable. 4G connection cannot be expected; furthermore, its strength depends on time and location. It tends to be sufficient in urban area, whereas the connection is frequently cut in rural area. Even if your hotel informs you that free-wi-fi is available, it is often too weak and cannot be comfortably used.

Text messaging such as e-mail and what’s up can be loaded under such circumstance; however, SNS that involves many images takes tremendous time to open and upload.


There are three ways to secure wi-fi connection, other than free-wifi service.

  1. Bring the portal router from your country
  2. Use SIM free mobile phones

If you have SIM free mobile phone, you may purchase the SIM card in Moroccan telecommunication company and use as usual. You may purchase at any stores or receive at the airport, where the company’s staff distributes the free SIM card for trial, providing 10 minutes of call and 10MB of internet connection. In such case, you may purchase additional prepaid card at many stores. This is the cheapest method for those who have the SIM free mobile phone.


Based on our experiment on using each company’s device throughout Morocco (including Sahara Desert), Moroccan telecommunication companies have no huge significant difference in their quality of Internet connection. Maroc Telecom used to have the highest reputation; however, the competitors are also improving their service.

Nevertheless, its instability still underlies as their common problem. If you need the Internet connection, we recommend you finish your errands before visiting the rural area.