Currency and the use of credit card in Morocco

The currency in Morroco is MAD (Moroccan dirham). Although it shares the name of ‘dirham’, it is different from one that is used in the Middle East.

You shall bring your country’s currency for the trip, as DH can be exchanged only inside Morocco. Euro and USD can be exchanged in mostly any banks and casinos. However, we recommend you exchange the currency upon arrival, as the airports prohibit re-entrance. You can also exchange inside cities with mostly same rates.

Taking DH outside Morocco is prohibited. In some occasions, airport securities checks whether you have DH upon departure. Therefore, we recommend exchanging the required amount of DH when necessary. The airport accepts re-exchange for those who have excess DH upon departure; however it requires a receipt of the previous exchange.


As for credit cards, Visa and MasterCard can be used in many locations, such as middle-class restaurants, hotels, spa and supermarket. (American Express cannot be used in these stores) However, you should always bring some cash, as the payment process occasionally fails due to weak connection and small stores in Medina do not accept credit cards.