Medical care in Morocco

The quality of medical care service utterly differs between urban area, rural area and Southern Morocco. In Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, there are huge hospitals providing CT, MRI and other high-tech treatments, although it is not to the extent of developed countries. Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez and Tangier also have a clinic where tourists can see the doctors. Some hospitals accept emergency visit 24/7. On the contrary, the rural area and Southern Morocco (near Sahara Desert) do not have sufficient medical service.

There are public and private hospitals in Morocco; however, it is always wise visiting private hospitals, as the huge gap underlies in the level of medical service. The ambulance also serves 24/7, although it is not free and require quite a long time.

Hospitals where you can use English is limited, as the official language is Arabic and French. Most of huge hospitals have a doctor who speak fluent English; however, you cannot always expect its attendance in case of emergency at night.

The diseases which tourists tend to catch a cold, fever, infectious gastroenteritis and hyperthermia. You may contact the concierge at the hotel to take doctor’s house visit for in those cases. When the house visit is insufficient, we will attend you to the appropriate hospital, assisting from the reception to the end of treatment.


For tourists with chronic disease or medicine in use

We advise you write a note about your disease, medicine, blood type and its detailed data in English or French. However, receiving a medical prescription during the trip is not recommended, as the ingredient and effect may differ, leading to unexpected side effect. You should bring extra amount of medicine for your journey.


When injured in Sahara Desert

Although it is an extremely rare case, huge hospitals are hardly accessible in case of severe injury in Sahara Dessert. If there is no time to convey the patient by vehicle, local doctor and Moroccan authority will attend a helicopter, with the assistance request to embassy if necessary.

The transportation fee is expensive, but some travel insurance may cover all costs when doctor’s medical certificate is submitted. We recommend you check your medical insurance, to confirm the areas of coverage and required documents.


About the insurance while driving

Our cars subscribe to the driving insurance that covers all crews; however, due to the high number of car accidents in Morocco, payment may not be abundant. In addition to that, we cannot cover the loss from other diseases and injuries, so we recommend you subscribe the travel insurance by your own.


For tourists who wish the nurse to accompany

If you wish the nurse to accompany your trip due to disease or the necessity of assistance, we will attend the nurse by 1,000MAD/day. Please notify us in advance, as we have to organize the schedule.