For the visitors with purpose of photographing and interview

If you are the visitors with purpose of photographing and interview, there are several essential notifications.


1.About the photographing materials

There is no legal restriction to bring an ordinary camera, as well as other tourists. However, if you wish to bring more specialized photographing/filming materials, you must apply for a permission, otherwise they will be confiscated at the border.

They are restricted for security; therefore, it is impossible to get back your equipment when discovered. According to the Japanese embassy, even the embassies cannot assist to withdraw the confiscation, as the Moroccan authorities are strict on this issue.

If you wish to bring photographing/filming materials, you must apply to your country’s embassy for permission. For further details, you may access the embassy’s webpage that provides you the guide on how to apply for photographing from the link below. You must apply in advance, as the embassies require a month to give permission.

Carrying drones beyond the border is thoroughly banned. Even if you manage to bring, you will risk being arrested when the drones are used without the authority’s permission. If you wish to use drones, please notify us as we will arrange the use of drones from Moroccan companies.


2.About the location

As Morocco is a Muslim state that implements stringent anti-terrorism policies, you must also be aware of the location for photographing. There are cases where tourists got arrested, due to the entrance to prohibited areas and photographing without permission. The Japanese embassy also warns us to be aware on the local restrictions.

When sightseeing only with foreigners, it is troublesome to figure out whether each location allows you to take photos. In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, we strongly recommend you accompany a local person.

Other essential rules are as follows:

  1. Do not take photos near military bases, government agencies, palace and embassies.
  2. Most of the mosques prohibit the entrance of non-Muslim. You can take the photos from outside only.
    The buildings that non-Muslim can enter are as follows:
    Rabat : Mausoleum of Mohammad V
    Casablanca : Hassan II Mosque (Requires a guide)
    Meknes : Tombeau de Moulay Ismail
  3. Ask for a permission to take portrait photography. (Especially pay attention to women and children)
  4. Ask for a permission to person in charge, to take photos in hotels, restaurants, etc…