Safety in Morocco

Security in Morocco is one of the most frequently asked question. Although tourists tend to concern recent upheaval in the Muslim world, Morocco is relatively safe.

Although terrorism is always unpredicted and may happen anywhere in the world, Moroccan authorities are eager to take countermeasures throughout the country. The airport instills strict security check, where the non-travelers cannot enter the facilities. Hotels and large shopping malls also introduce the facilities, such as security gate and baggage inspection, as well as airports. The high-grade hotels hire even more security guards, to the extent that there is a guard who checks the explosives on the vehicles.


Considering those countermeasures, it is more important for us to consider the risk of other crimes, such as pick-pocketing. It is risky to walk alone the street at night (especially for women), walk with your bag open or to be careless while using your mobile phone. Especially, new iPhone models are likely to be the target of pickpocket.

Such crimes generally occur in congested business quarters, where many tourists visit. You do not have to worry unusually in the hotel, as long as you place your belongings to the security box.


Our drivers and guides also serve as the guard while sightseeing. We will pay attention to the surrounding passengers to deter the pick-pocketing. (It is effective especially when the local guide is nearby)

For conclusion, there is no need to worry unusually than other countries, as long as you are aware of basic precautions for foreign tourism.