Notice for the reservation of Moroccan Riad

Moroccan riads can be easily reserved on websites; however, there are some important notes for the tourists. More than 700 of riads are densely located in the old town, where the cars cannot enter. As a result, it is unlikely for the taxi drivers to know the accurate location of riad. Instead, you will need to approach the old town by car and ask for a staff to pick up or find by yourself. In the former, you will give a tip to the staff, as they will carry your luggage by cart. Therefore, you should ask whether or not there will be a pick-up and where the meeting point is in advance.

Staffs in riad speak English in most cases; however, some of them only speak French and Arabic. In addition to that, they might not be able to pick you up in case of late arrival, as the number of staff is limited.

Another important note is that the safeness varies in old town depending on the districts. The peripheral part of old town is relatively safe; however, it is difficult for the tourists to distinguish its precise difference. In such circumstance, we recommend you choose the riads charging more than 1,200MAD – 2,000MAD, as they tend to be high-class riads located in the peripheral part with better traffic accessibility. Especially in Fez where the old town’s geography resembles mortar, it is burdensome to carry all luggage to the central part.

Passages in old towns are complicated as much as maze. You might also overlook the destination, as the entrances of traditional Moroccan construction are small compared to its actual size of the building. As a result, tourists frequently lose their way after arriving the old town. There are cases which the passengers offer you to guide, demanding unreasonable tip after the arrival. In addition to that, night in old town is not as safe as daytime; you must be aware of pickpocketing while walking.


Although we recognize the location of major riads, we cannot list the guide for all of them. Instead, if you send us the location of riad before reservation, we will check the location and tell you whether or not it is safe and accessible. In addition to that, our drivers serve as a body guard and accompany your arrival to riad, in case they do not offer a pick-up.