Clothes in Morocco

One of the common tourists concern is the suitable clothes in Morocco, regarding the cultural context of Islam. Although elderly or married women tend to avert the skin exposure, people rarely ware the traditional Hijab which completely covers the body except for the eyes.

On the contrary, young women are often dressed in jeans, t-shirts and one-piece dresses like other countries. Surprisingly, some of them do not hesitate to wear Bikini in summer or party dress in bars and clubs.

As Morocco is close to Europe, accepting many migrants and has high reputation by the tourists, its culture is relatively tolerant to the skin exposure. As long as you avert excessive skin exposure, such as getting dressed in tank-top and mini-skirt, it is unlikely for the tourists to be in trouble. However, some religious facilities such as Mosques require women to cover their skin; therefore, it is necessary to bring at least one large stole.


There is even more important notice for the tourists. You should always dress up to some extent, as Moroccan culture regards costumes importantly. Some tourists tend to wear poor-looking clothes intentionally in order to avert pick-pocketing; however, it is not a wise choice in Morocco.

Similarly to the European resorts, visitors with neat clothes are more respected and welcomed. You may visit local restaurants in t-shirt, short pants and sandals, but might be turned down to enter high-class hotels and restaurants. As there are numerous fascinating spots in Morocco, we recommend you bring semi-formal clothes.