Price for private car hiring

Price : 4,000MAD / day


Mercedes Benz VITO , or similar class


  • The fee is charged per vehicle, not per passenger. The transportation service will be mainly provided by Mercedes Benz VITO.
  • Our car accommodates up to 5 people and 5 luggage. When travelling long distance, maximum of 4 people is recommended for your comfortability.
  • Our driver speaks Arabic,French, English, but if  other language assistant is necessary, please inform us in advance.
  • You will not ride together with other traveler’s group as it is a private charter.
  • We are not setting specific time frame for our service. We will provide our service from the time you need, until your trip plan of the day is over. Even if the end of driving exceeds midnight, no additional fee will be charged.  *1 *2 *3

*1: We will try to be as flexible as possible. However, if the service is required for a long period of time, we might not be able to offer the early morning service next day, as we have to secure driver’s sleeping time for safety purpose.

*2: If longer than 8hours of driving for two consecutive days is required, we will have to decline our service for the driver’s safety.

*3: The street lamps are sparse in the suburban areas of Morocco. Therefore, we will have to decline our service when long distance travel is required during night time.


1 Please pay our driver after utilizing our service.  We will take MAD, EUR, USD, and JPY. If you wish to pay with other currencies, we will notify the fee based on current exchange rate upon completing our service.

2 You can also choose payment with PayPal




Please read below for our cancellation policy. In case you wish to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible, as we are operating based on local time. Cancellation fee must be deposited through bank transfer.

Up to 8 days No service fee will be charged
7 days 20% of the service price
5 to 6 days 30% of the service price
3 to 4 days 50% of the service price
1 to 2 days 80% of the service price
on the day 100% of the service price
Services included in our fee

Please note that the services below are only included within the private hiring service.

We cannot independently provide the services listed below.


  1. Transportation fee including gas, highway charge, parking fee.
  2. Travel planning.
    For those who use our private car hire service, we will consult your travel planning. If you are not sure of where you can visit within your travelling days, or if you have specific interests, we will organize the driving plan to adjust your trip plan. Please notify when a small child, elderly person or the patient with chronic disease accompany your travel, as we can provide further advice on your plan.
    We are also happy to customize your trip plan based on your specific purpose. If you wish to visit Morocco for sports, such as surfing and rock climbing, or if you wish to enter Morocco by plane and visit Spain by ferry, we will organize the plan respectively.
    However, please note that we may not provide the driving service, when the schedule is overcrowded.
  3. Shopping support
    Many shops in Medina (Old town) do not attach the price tag on their goods. As negotiation with shopkeeper is required, we will accompany your shopping to assure that shopping is done with reasonable price.
    If you wish to go shopping by yourself, your driver can wait at a designated location and time. We recommend you use our service, as negotiation is burdensome, often times beyond the tourists’ expectation. Furthermore, price negotiation can be done at almost all stores, including the stores which attach the price tags. We can also assist the shipping process after purchase. (Shipping fee will be on your expense)
    For further information, please refer to ‘shopping in Morocco‘.
  4. Restaurant reservation and requests.
    We will coordinate the reservation of restaurants based on your interest. Since popular restaurants are difficult to reserve, please notify the name of restaurant, date, number of people, time and any other special requests in advance.
    For further information, please refer to ‘restaurants in Morocco‘.
  5. Reserving unlisted hotels
    There are some hotels or camps that are not listed in a general hotel booking website. Such hotels require the reservation on their own websites, which is burdensome for tourists. We will reserve your desired hotel instead, so that you can pay the fee to the hotels upon your arrival. Please note that its cancellation fee depends on teach hotel’s policy.
    Due to the emerging popularity of Instagram and magazines, reservation of Riads is getting more difficult. As they only have 6-8 rooms and require the reservation 6-12 months before your arrival, please notify us in advance.
  6. Reserving activities
    There are many fantastic activities, such as Camel-back riding, buggy ride, hot air balloon and cooking lessons. If you are interested, we will try our best to reserve your desired activity.  Please note that activities might be cancelled on a spot, depending on the weather.
    (All the activities fee will be on your expense.)
  7. Medical support or attend
    When you are not feeling well or need to go to see a doctor, we will support you find appropriate hospital, attending your check-in process, examination, and treatment.  For further information, please refer to medical situation in Morocco.
  8. Emergency support
    In case you get in involved in trouble or crime scene which requires the police intervention, it would be very difficult to deal with a situation on your own. Thus we will provide our support as much as we can, including the immediate contact to the embassy.
  9. Other special negotiation
    Please let us know if you need special negotiation for photo shooting or other occasion.
    We will try our best to negotiate but some spots implement strict policies due to religious background.



What’s not included in surcharge

Food & beverages

Travel insurance

Other personal expense

Cost required for special negotiation

◆We have following items so please let us know if needed.


Adapter plug, converter, hair dryer

Tissue paper, wet tissue

Ziplocs, wine opener

Flash light, bug repellent spray, insect bite relief cream

First aid kit including band aid and antiseptic solution, tampons, pads